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imageIt’s been quite a year already. Rocky is still recovering from an ACL reconstruction surgery in which they harvested his own hamstring to replace his severed ACL in his left knee. The surgery was May 29th, and his surgeon says full recovery is expected to take anywhere from 9 months to a year. With Mike Cook’s Bonneville Shootout running Sept. 12th through the 16th, rehab has gone into double time! (Go here to learn more about this event: http://landspeedevents.com/blog/ )

imageAs mentioned on the HOME page, the three all-time world’s fastest motorcycles will be competing head to head this year trying to reach the milestone of that first official 400 mph run. There are several British teams poised to do battle in 2014. Two of them are running turbine power, while the third, the Angelic Bulldog team, will be running a piston powered, wheel driven streamliner mating two Honda Blackbird engines cleverly linked together to a single transmission. While the Brits are all poised to battle to be the first to reach 400,

It is our goal to reach that milestone in 2013 in the all Yank Shootout.

imageSomething new and fun was recently developed and released from Top 1 Oil, our team’s major sponsor. Rocky helped with development and even did the narration. Introducing Top 1’s

Ack Attack The Game You can download the App to your IPad from ITunes or go to http://www.top1oil.com/ and click on IPAD App. The game is a true simulation of what it’s like to drive the twin-engine turbocharged Ack Attack streamliner! From push off, through the gears, even deploying the parachute at the end of the run, it is the most realistic LSR simulation game out there.

See if you can beat Rocky’s 2 way FIM record of 376 mph, or try to  top his one way top speed of 394 mph! In the future we’ll add a Ack Attack Wall of Fame for gamers who’ve beat Rocky’s best run. Just send us an email with your name and a digital image of the game showing your top speed. Enjoy the ride…


Old News


Ed Youngblood's MotoHistory

Robinson's “Flat Out” nominated for
Dean Batchelor Book Award

“Flat Out,” Rocky Robinson's story of his career as a land speed streamliner pilot, has been nominated for the prestigious Dean Batchelor Book Award.  Established by the Motor Press Guild in 1995, the Dean Batchelor Award recognizes excellence in automotive journalism as exemplified by the man it is named after, Dean Batchelor.

The Award singles out individuals demonstrating outstanding achievement in the profession of automotive journalism. It is awarded to writers judged to have produced the work which best represents the professional standards and excellence demanded by Dean Batchelor during his life as an editor, writer, and chronicler of the automotive industry. The Award was first presented posthumously to Dean Batchelor in 1995 for his seminal book on hot rodding, The American Hot Rod, which was published after his death in 1994.

Two books entitled “Flat Out” that include the subject of land speed racing have appeared in the last 24 months. The full title of Robinson's book is “Flat Out: The Race for the Motorcycle World Land Speed Record.” 


Below is a list of articles covering the once in a lifetime  "Duel in the Desert"


Land Speed Racing Schedule

From MotorcycleUSA.com:
2nd Article:
From AMADirectLink.com:
From CycleNews.com:
FIM Magazine
FIM Magazine Article.pdf
TOP SPEED Online Magazine
Parts Magazine Newsroom
Aug. 14-20 2010
Aug. 28 - Sept. 2 2010
Bonneville Salt Flats
Sept. 20 - 26 2010

Bonneville 300 MPH Chapter Members

Tuesday, 20 February 2007
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